Training for Triathlon: Must Read Bike Tips

“Training for Triathlon? Here are some important bike tips for you. Read them below!”

Training for Triathlon

Training for Triathlon Bike Tips

If you are quite new to the world of road-biking it wouldn’t hurt to learn a little about bike terminology that perhaps you are not familiar with.

This way when you are discussing your triathlon bike training and racing with other triathletes you will have a better understanding of what is being discussed.


It can be very confusing trying to find that perfect triathlon bike for “you”.

Before the very first day of triathlon bike training begins there is one thing that is vitally important to keep in mind. Just how much you get from your training and how well you will perform on competition day regardless of the length of the triathlon you are entered in can be determined by how well your bike fits you.


One of the most important triathlon bike training tips to keep in mind is that if you are really stretched out at the bottom of the pedal stroke, your bike is most likely not set up properly. The same thing applies if you are all scrunched up and are not extending your legs far enough. Something as simple as raising or lowering the bike seat can make a huge difference to your pedal stroke.

Just be sure that an experienced bike expert fits you to your bike. It’s important to make use of the big muscle groups and a proper bike fit will help this become a reality and ultimately will make your triathlon bike training much more productive and enjoyable. You’ll find that Triathlon bike training involves much more than biking itself. Something as simple as having the bike set up properly will make your transition into the run a lot less painful.Don’t underestimate the value of proper bike-fit.


When it comes to actually getting out on the road and beginning triathlon bike training, many novice Ironmen have the wrong idea. You don’t have to go out and cycle hundreds and hundreds of miles. Maybe one day if you decide to really go for it and try and place in your age group or turn professional you might want to look at more intensive training, however for your first attempt at an Ironman your goal should be to have an enjoyable experience.

You’re not going out to set a new record for the bike split. You want to FINISH this thing and gear your triathlon bike training with that in mind!

I would recommend doing one 6-8 hour ride about 8 weeks from Ironman day. Go out with a couple of people. Pack lots of food and water and plan to be gone for the day. Don’t worry about how MANY miles. All you are doing is getting an idea of what it will be like to be on the bike and in the saddle for an extended period of time.

For the rest of the triathlon bike training year, try and bike 3 or 4 times a week. You can do 1 or 2 of those rides on a wind-trainer or at a gym on one of their exercise bikes. As your season progresses, try and plan for one longer ride of 2 or 3 hours once a week.

Don’t worry about how many miles. Pay more attention to actual time on the bike and finding a cadence and speed that you’re comfortable with. I strongly recommend heart-monitor use on the bike.(see section on heart-monitor training). Try and stay at or below your target heart rate and your fitness level will continue to improve over time.


Be sure to try different liquid supplements and different types of solid nourishment until you find what agrees with you and then go with it on race day. Remember that proper nourishment is an important part of your triathlon bike training.

I would recommend getting used to one of the many gel products available on the market because they are handy in the event you need a quick pick-up in your energy levels during your training or racing.

They are convenient to carry due to their small size and often are available at bike aid stations as well. Just remember that they are basically a “simple” carbohydrate and you should also include a more complex carbohydrate –like a whole wheat bagel for instance–as part of your nutrition choice. More at Suggestions and triathlon bike training tips

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