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The Best Triathlete

A grueling triathlon competition features miles of running, swimming and cycling. It is not for the weak. Don’t let the prospect of finishing the course intimidate you, however. There are tricks you can employ to ensure you perform at your highest level and have the endurance to complete the race, whether you’re doing sprint distance, international/Olympic distance or even Ironman distances.

Food is fuel for triathletes, who are known to burn more than 3,000 calories a day as they train and more than 8,000 calories during a triathlon, according to energy expenditure data from Mueller College fitness trainers.

1. Drink plenty of water.
Known to sweat profusely, triathletes can lose one to three pounds of water daily while training. Certified nutrition specialists at Hawaii University attest that triathletes can lose as much as four pounds of water during the actual event. Many triathletes combat this water loss by drinking a gallon of water or more daily. Always keep water nearby during workouts and sip throughout.

2. Avoid processed and non-nutritive foods.
Fitness trainers advise triathletes to opt for pure fuel by eating whole foods and avoiding processed or refined foods. Triathletes should strive to avoid sugar, convenience snacks, fast food, alcohol and sodas. Do not avoid salt, however; triathletes lose an excessive amount of salt through sweat.

3. Eat enough food.
Normal caloric intake will not be enough for a triathlete’s training workout or competition. Some novices make the mistake of not consuming enough food, leading them to suffer fainting spells, exhaustion or poor performance. Aim for at least 3,000 calories daily, adding more if you appear to be losing too much body mass during training.

4. Focus on CPF: carbohydrates, protein and fat.
These three type of foods represent the macronutrients needed for the exertion and endurance required for triathlons. Carbohydrates are considered the most crucial component; nutritionists recommend consuming three to four times as many carbohydrates as protein with each meal.

Athletes must always eat carbohydrates before working out to meet the body’s need for complex sugar and glycogen. All three food types must be eaten at every meal for balance. Consider grilling, baking or broiling meats instead of frying them. Fats can be drizzled on breads or incorporated into sauces.

1. Start training six months before the competition.
Taking just a few months to train will make finishing the triathlon too difficult and could lead to exasperation or injury. Most trainers recommend at least six to seven months of training so that athletes can’t start with light workouts and increase them by no more than 10 percent to 15 percent each week. More at 10 Easy Ways to Be the Best Triathlete

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