Triathlon Ironman Training Plan for Every Triathlete

“Training for a Triathlon Ironman can be very hard. Check out the plan below and see how it can help you train for the big day. Read it now!”

Training for an Ironman doesn’t have to be as daunting as it can seem. Everyone can complete an Ironman. This Ironman training plan is designed to help you enjoy the experience!

Triathlon Ironman

Triathlon Ironman

It is aimed at:

Individuals who are active but not in regular Ironman training.
Individuals who have undertaken a shorter triathlon such as a sprint or Olympic, and who want to make it safely and enjoyably around an Ironman.

I know I said everyone can complete an Ironman, but don’t mistake that for meaning it is easy!

Finishing one is 50% mental, 30% nutritional and only 20% training. Our Ironman Training Plan is designed to reflect this requirement, so many sessions are intended to challenge you mentally and get you to practice your nutrition strategy.

Even a Pro who is not ready for the challenge and has poor nutrition is unlikely to be able to finish one, unlike all the other distances in triathlon. This is the challenge and the attraction for so many people.


Your first challenge when training for an Ironman is to ensure you know what is going to be required, and then that you still want to do it.

Some questions to ask yourself:

Are you ready and able to commit 10 – 18 hours a week for training?
Are you prepared to get up early, get a session in before work, go to work and then get another session in? Do you have this much time?
Are you prepared to do this when you feel tired, and when you would much rather stay tucked up in bed?
If you are up for the challenge of training for an Ironman, then keep reading. If the thought of this commitment puts you off, revise your personal challenge!


This Ironman training plan assumes that you have a limited training history. Therefore it will start off steadily, but in order get all the work in, the workload will increase fairly rapidly.

We are also assuming that you can actually swim a bit, ride a bike safely and are not injured at all at the beginning of the programme and that you don’t have any medical conditions that would hamper your training or be negatively affected by training.

Aims of the Ironman Training Plan

Gradually increase endurance in each discipline
Prepare you to complete 12 – 18hrs of continuous exercise and ENJOY IT
Practice nutrition strategies
Minimise your risk of injury

As your aim is to get round and enjoy the event, the majority of the training is about helping you to get the endurance to be able to do this. There are not many short cuts to doing this (whatever other sites/coaches might say). You cannot trick yourself over these kinds of durations.

The key when training for an Ironman is being able to train regularly, as well as rest well when planned, and keep the training intensity down. If you train at high intensities, the time required to recover adequately will compromise the volume of training you need to do to successfully complete an Ironman.

So keep the intensity down!

Everyone likes a little burn up with friends or to push themselves on the hills, but be aware that too much of this will create un-recoverable fatigue and will hamper subsequent sessions and therefore limit your training consistency.

Routine is important to most people, and therefore we provide an idea of what the schedule might look like. However it is not set in stone because you may need to re-work some of it to fit your schedule. As the phases change there might be different sessions but we try to keep the type (i.e. swim, bike etc) on the same days to help with this routine. More at Training For An Ironman

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