Triathlon Suit 2013 Review: Blueseventy Reaction

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Triathlon Suit

Triathlon Suit

Brand: Blueseventy

Model: Reaction (this comes in a female and male version)

Pink for the girls and Orange for the boys


Turning the suit inside out you will notice the orange 4-way stretch lining fabric in the arms and underarm areas. It felt like there was plenty of flexibility to help keep my arm stroke like it would be in the pool, and without arm fatigue. I also noticed added flexibility behind the knees, which can assist those of you that are big kickers and find that wetsuits bunch behind the knee when it bends.


A standard zipper means you will have no trouble getting into this suit. Add to this the lower neckline and you should feel no bulk or chafing around your neck.

Transition speed

The standard zipper offers the usual transition. No faster or slower and you will have no troubles getting this suit off. If you are still nervous about transition speed, the internal seem is designed so that you can even cut the length of the legs without damaging the function of the suit.


It’s a snug fit and I can’t imagine water will get into any of the openings.

Calf panels and arm catch panels

The forearm panels are different to other suits I have seen. The forearm has a dimpled (but still flexible) texture for the catch part of your stroke, travelling right up to the elbow bend.

Why you want this suit:

This reliable suit provides a good mixture of flexibility and buoyancy without the price tag of other suits. It looks good with its hot pink highlights and is extremely comfortable. This is a suit that could easily be a go-to suit for any triathlete, no matter what you are specifically looking for. More at Wetsuit Review 2013: Blueseventy Reaction

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