Your Questions About Colleges With Triathlon Programs

Thomas asks…

if your new to grappling is 2 classes a week of wrestling and 2 classes a week in bjj too much to handle????

im a newb preparing for my univ judo team season in september.

ive already decided that wrestling is first priority, i notice im ridic sore after even one bjj class (2hrs) and wrestling also. my hips and im just bruised as hell…..what happens if you stick with it and force yourself to do 2 wrestlgin classes and 2 bjj on top of weight training and endurance.

im training at same time for a triathlon???

am i going to hurt myself or prolly overtrain?
im new to grappling but know tons and tons about it and i have great posture.

Mike Rich answers:

I run 30 minutes every morning
I weight lift for 1.2hours 4x a week
I do 45 minutes of calisthenics/conditioning 5x a week
I train BJJ 4 classes per week
I train kickboxing 1x per week
I box 1x per week
I work 30 hours a week
I go to college 16 hours a week
Theres no “I” in team, which is why I love to fight.

You can handle it as long as you sleep enough. I was always complaining about joint pain and soreness. Then I started up my multivitamins/supplements and started sleeping 8 hours + per night, and i eat like a pig. I feel great now. I’m actually somehow gaining muscle mass with that schedule as well…. Good thing I love food. Good luck… Listen to your body. Its okay to be sore, but its not okay if your muscles are fatigued and you lose progress and your times drop and your lifts drop. Give it a shot and if you do not notice improvement then cut back. I know wrestling can be very intense, with BJJ it’s better if you think rather than constantly grip tight and fight tense and go 100% b/c then you will be sore and will get injured. Pace yourself and relax, when you see an opening explode. Roll at about 60 %. If possible lift on the days that you do not have wrestling or bjj. Too much on your CNS IMO…. I still do it, but its a bitch trying to posture up in someones guard after maxing on deadlift. I would cut lifting down to 3x a week and follow a strength training program. Do lots of compound lifts. Chest tri’s 1 day, BP, weighted dips, closed grip bench press. Back Bi’s dead lift, heavy barbell/dumbbell rows, weighted pull ups. Legs/shoulders: separate as far from deadlift day. Heavy squats, heavy lunges, heavy leg press, extensions, straight leg dead lifts or curls(helped me w/ my hooks a lot), hip/groin machines.. Helped a lot w/ my guard along w/ straight leg deads. Shoulders: Heavy Cleans/Clean And Press, heavy shrugs, rear flies, lateral raises, front raises, truck drivers(my favorite for shoulders) Explosive compound movements all the way.
-supplement right
-sleep a lot
-Eat tons of food
-Drink tons of water

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