Your Questions About Heart Rate Training For Triathlons

Ruth asks…

how long will it take to get used to an elliptical trainer?

i bought one last month and i just started doing it today, but i couldn’t even do it for 5 minutes! why is that? i was out of breathe and i felt like i was going to through up!! and i was dizzy actually i am still dizzy. 🙁 i am so disappointed

i am not out of shape lol i just want to maintain my body shape

Mike Rich answers:


At least you proved to yourself that you need it!! Seriously, make sure you have it set up correctly, and try it on the easiest level.

Take it easy starting out. During my training sessions for triathlon, I swim, bike, or run very easy for the first 10-15 minutes to get my heart rate and circulation up to operating speed, THEN I can go hard if that’s what the days’ workout calls for. Yes, I might feel a little dizzy if I tried to go full speed with no warmup, and yes, I’ve blown lunch during extreme efforts toward the end of a race.

Once you’re warmed up, then you can gradually increase the difficulty to find out what you can handle.

Another possibility is low blood sugar levels. If you hadn’t eaten anything for several hours, this could be part of the problem. It is common in those who are out of shape. As you exercise more, your body’s ability to store glycogen in muscles and liver without triggering an insuline reaction will improve.

A word of caution, dizziness COULD be a sign of cardiac insufficiency. I don’t know you, what shape you’re in, or what you tried to do, so I’m not telling you to dash off to the emergency room, but those sort of symptoms shouldn’t be ignored.

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