Your Questions About Ironman Triathlons

Sandra asks…

How can I do an Ironman Triathlon?

The key problem is that I am 16 years old. I will be 17 in 2 months. By the time I would like to race (next summer) I would be just shy of 18. Im looking to do any ironman distance events. What should I do? I contacted ironman and they said I have to be 18. Should I keep pushing? I can get my parents to sign a liability weaver…

What are my options? Thanks.

Mike Rich answers:

I feel your pain. When I was your age I felt I was ready for those types of events as well. Honestly though your body is still developing and the 18 year old age limit is there for a good reason. Be patient, work on your s/b/r and make sure you continue to have fun with it! I know a lot of long distance atheltes who burn out at early ages.

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