Your Questions About Ironman Triathlons

Ruth asks…

Where should I get my tattoo?

I completed an Ironman triathlon which was a long time goal of mine and want to get the Ironman tattoo “M dot”. Should I go forearm, calf, or shoulder? It would only be about the size of golf ball or even smaller but as a professional I don’t want to come across as too jail house. Know what I mean?

Mike Rich answers:

Personally, I don’t like small tats on men… Looks sissy… (no offense tho hey)

Bigger is better..!!

Just cuz you have a tattoo doesn’t mean your going to come across as ‘jail house’….. Maybe for the small-minded, but who cares what they think anyway……?

If you don’t want people to see it, you might as well get it on your butt….

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