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John asks…

If I do this consistantly over a period of time will I get in better shape?

I have decided that I would like to drop a few punds and get in better shape. I did gymnastics for 11 years and recently quit, therefore I stopped my regular exercise. I have put on a few pounds and lost some of my muscle mass. Last week I started regularly exercising so I will look nice for spring break. I am roller-skating, about oh um I would estimate 2 miles, and then swimming 80 laps in a relatively small pool. If I continue this, will I loose weight and get in better shape?
Additional Info-I weigh 140lbs, mostly muscle, average height, young woman.
(Yes, I know this is dumb) but I just realized that a lap is going across the pool and back, so I guess that would mean 40 laps. 😀

Mike Rich answers:

You’re single, huh? Get up early for this fishing expedition? Over a decade of gymnastics, and you’re asking US how to get into shape? You know good and well skating 2 miles and swimming 80 laps is training for the ironman triathlon
in answer to your question; yea you’re gorgeous and will continue to be, moreso by May or June.

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