Your Questions About Olympic Triathlons

Lizzie asks…

How much would tickets to the 2012 olympics in London cost? Anyone have an idea?

I was wondering what the prices and how purchasing tickets to the 2012 olympics works, like when they can be bought, how you go about doing it, the price and etc.

Mike Rich answers:

Organizers estimate that some 7.7 million tickets would be available for the Olympic Games, and 1.5 million tickets for the Paralympic Games. They will be going on sale in 2011, with at least 50% of these priced under £20. To reduce traffic, ticket holders would be entitled to free use of London’s public transportation network on the day of the event. It is estimated that 82% of available Olympic tickets and 63% of Paralympic tickets will be sold. There will also be free events: for example, the marathon, triathlon and road cycling.

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