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Michael asks…

How do I become a better swimmer for a ocean triathlon?

Ive already ran a marathon but have little experience swimming. I am up to 10sets of 3times across the a week or so. Its ok but I could use some pointers.Only have 6-8weeks left. Im37

Mike Rich answers:

Start swimming in lakes or oceans because this will get you accostemed to the conditions your triatholon will be. You should also practice many sprints with little rest in between because this will improve your easy feeling for swimming and you will go faster. Try this set in the pool.
200 Free warm-up
9 times 25s Sprint Medley (1 easy, 1 build, 1 sprint and then repeat )
5 times 100 Free Sprint
10 times 50 Free Sprint
Cool Down
Hopefully this helps!

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