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Ruth asks…

Question about transitioning between swimming and biking in a triathlon?

I’m not sure what kind of clothes I’m supposed to wear. I don’t think I can manage to run without a sports bra/just in a swimsuit. Should I just slip on my sports bra over my swim suit?

Mike Rich answers:

I had to help my GF with this at her first race last year. I’ve competed in everything including IronMan so i’ve seen it all. Since it’s your first race you probably don’t want to spend $75 on a tri suit until you see if you even like the sport. But what you will need are small spandex bike shorts or even better, tri-shorts (which just means they have a smaller pad so they don’t absorb water like a diaper). Wear these during your swim because if you don’t you will have to put them on during the transition which will cost you time. Believe me you will be the only one on the beach without them if you don’t wear them. You can buy a cheap pair on the internet for $20. As for the top just wear your sports bra swimming, if you don’t wear it you will need to put it on anyway during the transition because you definately can’t run without one. The only argument to you not wearing it during the swim is that it will create slightly more drag in the water than a swimsuit top will. But are you an Olympic swimmer that’s gonna notice the 1 second difference? It’s gonna take you longer than that to put it on in the transition station anyway. If you wanna really help save time buy elastic shoe laces. Everyone there with any experience will have them on. They’ll save you a good 20 seconds not having to tie your laces. Again, you can order cheaply on the internet. I’m assuming it’s just a sprint race so bring water, no need for gatorade or anything sticky.

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