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Robert asks…

I have entered another triathlon but need help on the swimming?

So my question is ” How do I get my breathing right while I am swimming?” I have had trouble with this in the past. I see others swimming and it seems like they are not having as much trouble as I am. Please help. Any suggestions?

Mike Rich answers:

The most common breathing method is breathing every 3 strokes. And make sure you breath to the side, not ahead of you. Picking your head up to breath gives you a good mouthful of water. Biggest thing is knowing how to pace yourself. Dont start off real fast like some of the other swimmers do, find a happy medium and sprint at the end.

I’ve done a triathalon relay recently and its quite difficult to swim in open water. Just watch for others, kind of veer away from the pack a little if possible and basically swim by yourself to avoid getting kicked and water splashed at you. Also pay attention to wind direction and which way the waves are blowing. If the waves are coming at you from your left side, make sure you always breath on your right to avoid taking in water. That will contradict the 3 strokes that i told you to take earlier, but the fix to that is breathing every 4 instead.

Good luck i hope this helps! =)

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