Your Questions About Sprint Triathlons

Ken asks…

do you have set aero bars on a mountain bike at a certain angle?

i thinking of getting some aero bars for my mountain bike do they have to be set at a certain angle and would anyone recommend them for mountain bikes? Thinking of doing a sprint triathlon next year any tips from anyone would be very helpful!!!

Mike Rich answers:

Don’t bother with aero bars on a mountain bike.

Just enjoy your first race. If you are serious enough to want aero bars, then you should probably get a roadie bike to start out with.

A roadie bike will increase your speed (vs. A Mountain bike) by at least 12%.

Aero bars allow you to stay in aero position comfortably for a longer duration but can affect steering.

George asks…

Comparing running races to triathlons?

I’ve run 5k and 10k’s, but now would like to try a triathlon. Is there some way of comparing the amount of effort that goes into training/completing the different triathlons? I’m going to try a sprint triathlon soon. Maybe this would be compared to a 10k in the running world as far as percieved effort? I just want to have some idea of what’s ahead if that makes sense. Thanks!

Mike Rich answers:

If your frequently running 5k and 10ks, you must be a strong runner.
As a basic guide, you should put an even amount of effort into each leg of the race.

For sprint distance races, the best option would be to do at least two sessions per discipline per week. (Two swims, two rides, two runs)

As for comparing 10k with a sprint triathlon (750m swim/20k ride/5k ride) you are about right. Personally, I compete in sprint distance triathlons but if a road fun run comes up, I take on the 10k.

Good luck, triathlons rock! I hoped this helped anyway, and if you have any more questions, Im happy to help!

Betty asks…

For triathlon shoes (specifically Zoots).. should I buy a size bigger like a do with running sneakers?

I do duathlons here and there but right now Sprint ones. I’ve ran long distance in the past and I know you’re feet swell up but should I go a size up for these shorter distance events?

Mike Rich answers:

I have recently purchased a pair of Zoot shoes and I went a 1/2 size up and they feel fine. Zoots tend to run a little large; the larger size making transitioning easier. If you plan to wear socks I would suggest going a size up; if not (because they already have a sock liner) I would go with your original size, maybe 1/2 size up.

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