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Paul asks…

What is the best age to take my toddler for swimming lessons?

My daughter will be 3 next month, and I wanna know if she’s old enough to go for swimming lessons. We’ve got a swimming pool and the safety net is not always on (aspecially on weekends) I’m scared to death that she will fall in, as it only takes a second. She fell in the swimming pool when she was only 1 year old but thank heavens I was around to get her out. But I’ll never forget that day, and the fear on her little face when I pulled her out of the water.
I never want that to happen again, and if it does, I want to rest assure that she’ll be able to swim, or at least help herself to the side. I’d also appreciate any advice how to teach her to swim!

Mike Rich answers:

The sooner the better, as a babe in arms she could already have been learning to have fun in the water.
At 3 she is raring to go, get after it and introdiuce her to all the fun that swimming can bring to her life, do not dwell on the previous bad experience, she will forget it, if you do.
Have fun with her, splash, shout, don’t be afraid to have a good time. The instructors will guide you regarding the actual swimming lessons and what to do and how to improve but she first has to be comfortable in the water and not be concerned that water will get everywhere, inluding in her eyes and ears.

You will never regret this decision and she will love the benefits it brings to her life.
Looking good on the beach is only half the fun for teenage girls and she will miss out if she can’t swim with the crowd.

Have fun 😉 H

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