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Chris asks…

Can you make a good amount of hits on Youtube by singing songs?

I just did a Youtube video. I sung a song by Kendrick Lamar, Swimming Pools, and I was wondering could I get some good hits. Like maybe over 50? I’m just starting out. All I did was sing over the song. Not my own lyrics. Also how can I get a good mic so my audio won’t sound that bad. But good?

Mike Rich answers:

If you sang over the song (had the song playing in the background), it probably won’t become very popular.

You have to buy a mic. Search for stores that sell them and then go to that store directly.

If you want a lot of hits, you should cover songs that are in the top 100 list as well as songs you like personally. You should learn an instrument and play it along with your singing. The guitar is relatively easy to learn, and costs less than a piano or keyboard (usually).

Singing covers on youtube can get you a lot of hits if you do them well. Your own songs have more trouble getting out because nobody is searching for them.

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