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Nancy asks…

How to get ready for the swimming portion of triathlon?

So, I got a tri coming up in 2-3 weeks. I am a strong biker and runner. I am somewhat of a week swimmer. The swim is 300m. What is the best way to prepare to be able to swim the 300 in a strong fasion?

Mike Rich answers:

Depending on how good your technique is, there is not a lot you can do for the swim in 2-3 weeks other than up your fitness levels by swimming more. Swimming 2-3 times a week going drills will improve your fitness no end – do pyramid sessions – 1 x50m 1 x100m 1 x150m 1 x 200m 1x300m and then back down to the small distances is good, or do 100m sets 5x100m rest interval (RI) 20 seconds in between. Don’t just get in and swim 300m and get out again – like run training, you don’t run a marathon in training to do an actual marathon – shorter, dedicated bursts of effort builds effort overall.

If your technique is average/bad (or you don’t know if it is or not), I would advise getting some help (coaching) after your first tri – any coaching now whould be a distraction, and the race is only 300m, so even if you have a poor swim, you will make it up on the bike/run. and have dedicated Tri swim training sets to follow, and alot of the tri dedicated magazines ( and have free age-group training plans to follow.

Good luck and don’t stress abut the the swim – its the shortest part (so you can get over it quickly), and if you want to improve its the one event where solid technical help can really have results, so if you like triathlons, get some coaching (either 1 on 1 coaching, or read some total immersion books).

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