Your Questions About Swimming Training For Triathlons

Daniel asks…

How would I go about training for a triathlon?

I’m not really doing the triathlon but my friends mom is and she is really getting fit and I wanna know what I could do.

Mike Rich answers:

You need to read up on it somewhat. Triathlon is a thinking athletes sport. Train with your mom’s friend if possible — it’s a lonely road and company with encouragement is always welcome!

Your friend is getting fit because she’s training in 3 sports on alternating days and it is exercising every single muscle group in her body.

Here are some quick tips, if there is such a thing in this sport:

1) Learn/relearn how to swim. Look up the book Total Immersion by Terry Laughlin.
2) Cycle — lots of cycling and learn proper pedaling form.
3) Running — learn to run with ease (relative) and injury free. Grab the book Chi Running by Danny Dreyer.

Get a heart rate monitor.

And if you’re going to train like a triathlete, then essentially you ARE a triathlete. Part of being a triathlete is joining races to test how well your fitness is coming along.

Triathlon is about efficiency and energy management. You want to avoid floating, coasting and walking and maintain a pace for the entire race. In swimming you should be able to swim non-stop for at least 20 minutes for an easy sprint distance swim. You should be able to bike for at least 1 hour for an easy 13 mile bike, and you should be able to run non-stop for at least 40 minutes to ensure you’ll be able to run the entire 3.1 afterwards.

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