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Thomas asks…

What is the best place to go swimming with sharks?

I’ve never done it before, I’m a complete beginner. But I’ve always loved sharks and the concept of swimming with them doesn’t scare me at all.
I’d rather not be in a cage in the water, I’d like to swim freely, but I won’t rule out the option completely.
I’ve been snorkelling before, but I have absolutely no scuba diving experience. If there is a place I can go to learn how to scuba dive before I swim with sharks that’d be ideal.
It would also be best if it was in a good holiday location. I want to swim with sharks as part of a one week holiday next year, so there must be things to do in there other than just swimming with sharks.
Any advice will be appreciated, thank you! 🙂

Mike Rich answers:

First of go on PADI and learn more about it and the courses available, you will then need to get in touch with your local PADI dive center or resort, I think that is also available through PADI. I heard the gulf of mexico has some sharks there and different species to. I’ve also heard Bahamas is good. This December I’m going on a dive holiday to Speyside, Tobago in the Caribbean, around this time there is a chance to spot manta rays, barracuda and reef sharks. Again i learned most of this through PADI, they provide loads of locations and all the details and marine life there, also they provide activities out of the water. Visit them here: and scuba vacations and courses is where you want to look. Then after you know what you want go to locate a PADI dive center. Sometimes Centers will organize a club holiday so you don’t need to worry about finding a dive buddy and instead you dive with the club in a big group. It does take a while to learn the Open Water course which is about £400. It includes 5 confined dives and 2 open water dives then it continues from there. Hope this helped 🙂

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