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Laura asks…

Should I buy a nice hybrid or a cheap road bike for fun triathlons?

I am SO frustrated with bike shopping I have already increased my budget WAY over what I would have ever thought I’d spend on a bike (like 4-500 bucks) and yet I still can’t really find anything.

So should I stop focusing on road bikes and find a good hybrid or should I just buy a cheaper (ha!) road bike.

I am training with a team so I need to be able to keep up with them on group rides

Mike Rich answers:

If you want to get somewhere fast on a bike you need a road bike. I remember your previous questions. So what was the problem with the Motobecane etc. You were looking at? They were priced < $400. Your short right? Is bike came with 650c wheels. Cauldron gave you a great answer when she stated that she is your size and liked that one bike and fully understood you issues.

Maybe your confusion stems from conflicting advice? You will get it here, it's the nature of 'too many cooks in the kitchen" I guess. I've helped purchase bikes for several of my confused friends. So I think I know how you feel. If you can say what your reservations are regarding the purchase of a < $400 road bike is maybe I can clear it up for you. For fun fast riding that doesn't demand race gear you will be happy with a couple you were looking at.

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