Your Questions About Training For Triathlons

Ken asks…

How hard is it to start training for triathlons?

I have been a swimmer in the past, and run and bike occasionally, but I’d like to start training for triathlons with people at my college’s tri club… How hard is it to get up to par with the rest of them (distance and speed wise) and what are some suggestions I can use? Thanks so much!

Mike Rich answers:

You won’t be expected to keep up with the elites right away, but you probably will actually be as good as some of them right off the bat. Don’t worry so much about keeping up with others, who have been doing it for years, but only worry about bettering yourself. Just go for a better time in each triathlon you do. Also, going for PR’s makes you more likeable on a team than setting your targets on someone else. As far as the triathlons, you’ll love them. They’re so much fun, and they give you a great sense of accomplishment. Good luck getting into it!

Joseph asks…

How important is weight training for triathlons? ?

How important is weight training for triathlons? Ive been reading the book ” trainingbible ” by joe friel, hes got some good workouts in different phases of the season. Im scared of an injury! I know weights are supposed to prevent injuries for the racing season but if you get hurt lifting whats the point? Need advice!

Mike Rich answers:


That’s an excellent website full of expert information with a very supportive forum.

Donald asks…

How to train for a triathlon?

I want to finish a triathlon sometime in the next three years. I was wondering how long most people train for triathlons, how you train, and if there are any good websites that tell me more.

Mike Rich answers:

First, you don’t have to wait three years. Sprint triathlons are short races usually in the 5k run, 18 mile bike, and 1/4 mile swim. So your goal is more attainable than you think.

Before I can truly answer your question there are personal things that need to be known. Do you have any experience with running, biking, swimming? Any sports background? Are there any groups in your area? Are you injury prone? Most importantly do you have anything that affects your athletic ability such as asma, prior injuries?

Also there is a question of the proper gear to use. What do you have in the way of a bike, running shoes, etc..

Not as easy a question as people make you believe. Answer tha above and I’ll be glad to help!!!!!

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