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Steven asks…

Can I do my triathlon? Just found out I’m pregnant…?

So I’ve trained my butt off for an Olympic distance triathlon next weekend- and yesterday I found out I was pregnant. (45 days since my last period)
I know this baby has to be my priority- but I’d really like to be able to do this triathlon I’ve dedicated so much time to- (and will be traveling for too!)

Are there any women out there who kept up with an exercise program and were able to do a race or event that they wanted to do?

Mike Rich answers:

I just remember being told by my Army flight surgeon about activity – whatever you’ve been doing, keep doing. If you’ve been running, keep running. If you haven’t been running, don’t start.
So your doctor would be the ultimate authority
I have several friends who have run marathons or were in combat zones and found out after the fact “baby on board”. Those kids are probably all looking at colleges now.
You are probably ok to do it, as long as you dial it down just a tad so that you don’t get kicked during the swim or crash your bike, but ultimately, your doctor would be the authority.

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