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Helen asks…

question about triathlon.?

I’m good @ sports, but I had an idea…when I grow up I want to say I participated in this
event. So I want to start training. I’ve swam before and I used to run…i don’t really bike
that much…but I want help in doing excercise. Like how to start…like I want to see a
routine. Any webpages would be hlepful.
If you have participated in the triathlon I want to know about your experiences.
And what are the dates? I’m thinking I want to actually do it next year but I want
to know like how often they do it.



Mike Rich answers:

If you are looking for a training plan then you will have to either join a team or pay for the program online and they will give you a workout schedule. You also have to decide what distance it is that you would like to do we have sprints, olympic, half-iron and iron man distances. To start you need to swim at least a mile a couple times a week, work up to 15 miles at least on your bike and ride that at least 3 times a week then have a longer ride on the weekend. As for the run work up about 4-5 miles perhaps to start that way you are stronger and can put the run in the bag. I have placed in a lot of the tris that I have participated in and do not follow any specific purchased web exercises schedule, you come to know what it is that needs to be done and trained for and you go on to do so. As for the dates there are numerous triathlons a month and all over the country. This site can help you find events near you

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