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Paul asks…

what is a good computer program to use to make a movie documentary?

i want to make a home movie documentary of friends training for a triathlon. what program is user friendly and with excellent results?

Mike Rich answers:

Windows movie maker is a good software or vegas 6.0 or 8.0 although its expensive but could be torrented

Ruth asks…

16yr old cyclist wanting to get seriously into triathlons any advice?

I used to race (road bikes) at a pretty high level, until I got glandjular fever. Ever since I find I lack motivation as I have spent 9 months trying to get to the level I was at with no succes. I got completely fed up with riding and begin running. Now im thinking about getting into triathlons and was wondering if I was too young to get into this sport at a high level. any ideas of how much training i should start with.

Mike Rich answers:

Most of the tris I do have an age group range that would fit you well. 16 is probably a pretty good time to start actually but you shouldn’t be too intense just yet. I would start out the next season with an early sprint distance and see how you like it. If you are feeling more comfortable move up to an Olympic distance. You shouldn’t be training real hard right now but I have done 3 sprints the last 2 years and want to start getting more into it next year by doing an Olympic distance. There are a lot of websites that will have free basic training programs for you to use. The one I used is posted down below. Judging by your past experience what you are going to want to do right away is start swimming. It is by far the most intimidating part of a tri for beginners. A lot of people go into tris with little swim experience and find out that open water swimming in a pack of people swimming on top of you is scary and freak themselves out. I hope you go through with it man, they are a lot of fun.

Sharon asks…

Where can I find soccer (both MLS and International), tennis, cycling & triathlons on the web?

Please be specific with where I can find programmes on the computer and / or television channels.
*To watch live I mean … not news or scores, thanks.
espn360 is the only place I know of on the web, but there have to be more Internet sites!

Mike Rich answers:

For Cycling and Triathlon you can watch them on Versus sports channel. They air both the Tour de France and Ironman events.
Directv Channel 603

MLS I would suggest the Directv MLS Direct Kick package.


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