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Ken asks…

Should I Concentrate on One Sport?

I am so good at so many things. And the problem is I always want to do everything. I dunno how to concentrate on one sport. My time and money is being spread thin by all my hobbies…it is really hard for me to choose one:

– Soccer- I have played on the same Competitive soccer team for 14 years. I love soccer but it isn’t what it use to be. I dunno if I have too much fun playing anymore but it is really hard to give up my team and such since I have been there for so long

-Rugby- I am a fantastic rugby player. I played for three years and quit last summer. I was MVP and even played for Team Ontario. But I was sick of the drama at the club and felt that it wasn’t worth getting serious injuries

-Running- When I quit rugby I decided to take up running. I have ran a half marathon with my second one coming up. I like the freedom running gives you…it is hard to follow your training schedule if you have other sport commitments. Races are expensive to enter, can’t enter too many.

-Triathlons- I took up Triathlons this summer. I love that I can mix up my running with swimming and biking (although it is hard to train for a half marathon while mixing in long bike and swim workouts). I fill really good when I finish a Triathlon, I did three this summer. Races are expensive to enter..I can’t enter too many.

-Volleyball- I normally play recreational beach/indoor volleyball year round. Love the atmosphere, not a great workout

-Basketball- I have yet to join the Rec Basketball league I have been meaning to join! I have played Basketball all my life and really missed it these past two years. But the league was on Wednesday nights and the last two winters I had class.

-Canoe- I recently started to Canoe. It is random but my friend is part of the club and they needed an extra paddler. I quickly fell in love with it. It is a great workout! Club fees are expensive though. They have winter training I am excited about but I dunno if I have the time.

-Snowboarding- Every winter I buy a Snowboarding seasons pass. I love being able to hit up the slopes whenever I want. I work 10 minutes away from the hill so it is great!

– Crossfit- I recently did a 3 week crossfit introductory session and loved it. I want to continue on in the training it is such a good work out. It does get expensive though but in compared with the other sports I guess it is reasonable if you look at it from a sport perspective.

-Tennis- I have always wanted to get into competitive tennis but because of my class and sports schedule never permit it. I really do want to play though I know I will be great at it.

So basically that is a summary of all the sports I love and enjoy. I just feel like I am spreading myself thin and maybe if I concentrate on one Sport I will succeed at it more. I work full-time and am doing my masters part-time so it is really hard for me to enjoy them all plus the costs of each one is really adding up. Which sport is right for me? How do I choose?

I forgot to mention I also attend Yoga regularly, workout at my gym (my roomate is a personal trainer there) and coach soccer too! I am crazy I know

Mike Rich answers:

I think you should mainly concentrate on one sport and try to be good at that. You can play the other sports for part time but you should choose one sport which you like the most and practice it more. 🙂

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