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Sandra asks…

swim training for triathlon?

i have recently started triathlon after about 2~3 years of competitive cycling and running, i did a super sprint triathlon (400m swim 20km bike 5km run) and i came 3rd overall and first in age group my cycle and run splits where good but my swim split was very poor and im looking to improve my swim times i can commit around 3 weeks to swim training does anyone have any workout programs or tips, thanks
whoops ment to put 3 days a week

Mike Rich answers:

The best advice I can offer is to find a coach. A coach can analyze your stroke and get you more efficient. Even if you only get a coach for an hour or two, they will help you correct mistakes that you are probably reinforcing every time you swim laps.

Three days a week is an excellent plan. If possible, find a group to train with. If you are in the US, try here:

William asks…

swimming and body building?

ive been workout out for about 18 months now and have seen some great gains but recently I have decided to join the swimming team. What good exercises are there for swimming, supplements to take for endurance in swimming, and or any training equipment that will help me out.

Also how should my workout program be scheduled around swim training. i still would like to do both and running too.

Thank you very much any post will be helpful

Mike Rich answers:

Exercises: lat pull downs and tricep extensions are good, when combined with overall upper and lower body workout. Strength training helps somewhat in swimming, but swim technique is by far more important. You don’t have to be muscle bound to be a fast swimmer. If you’re serious about swimming but relatively new to it, get some coaching and learn good stroke technique.

Supplements: not required. Just eat healthy. There are no shortcuts.

Training equipment: well, a swimsuit for one thing! Real swimmers don’t wear trunks. Either a speedo or spandex triathlon shorts. Kickboards, used for kicking drills, will be at the pool. Some coaches like to use fins (like for scuba diving) for kicking drills, but usually they have some at the pool. Also at the pool will be pull buoys, a foam thingy that you hold between your legs while not kicking, so you can focus on arm stroke. Oh, and goggles–get your own goggles.

Schedule: depends on how much time you have and what your goals are. Maybe twice a week each for swim/weights/running, with one off day.

Joseph asks…

Is it possible to do P90X AND separate Cardio?

Hello everyone,

I am thinking about starting the P90X program and it seems that the P90X incorporates cardio and strength training in it’s workout already. I am also training for a 5k and half marathon (If I can make my goals in time) so my question is would it be possible to do separate cardio on top of the P90X program (3-5 mile morning runs)? My concern is that I might over train with the added cardio on top of the cardio that is already included in the program. This would make the recovery process longer and hinder me in the long run. I am also worried that after doing cardio I may not be able to perform optimally during the workout programs. I don’t feel that the cardio included in the program would be adequate for running a marathon since the body won’t be conditioned for long distance endurance running…

Any suggestions?

Mike Rich answers:

P90x has a modified cardio program where you incorporate a Cardio X routine 3-4 times in the morning and then a schedule P90x routine later on in the day.

In your case you can do more morning runs and do P90x after. P90x involves working out 6-7 days/week for about 60-90 minutes a day. For anyone doing P90x Cardio, you want to make sure you are free of injury.

There are marathon runners and triathlon athletes who integrate P90x with their training. You have to make sure you also focus on your nutrition to provide the energy for your training.

Hope that helps. If you are interested in the P90x program, let me know! I’d like to help.

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