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James asks…

I want to do a triathlon this summer and need some help?

Okay so I’m a runner already, in highschool and I do XC and Track, and used to be very good at it. I got out of shape because I had some heel and knee injuries but I’m back now. I’ve been wanting to do a triathlon for a long time now and my family just joined the YMCA near us so I finally have somewhere to swim. My questions are, 1. Some tips for training, (I know basically what to do but just any good workouts is greatly appreciated, but my main question 2. What do you think would be a good starting race for me, and also any in the New Jersey area. I’m very competitive and love a good challenge, I’m looking for something with a 5k run and like a 1/4 mile swim. Don’t care about the biking. Is their a name for a race like that? I’m really confused with this stuff so please help. Also would I be out of place at a triathlon since i’m only 15. I don’t really care if I am because I dont care what people think…. But I just don’t want to be like mocked for people saying I shouldn’t be there you know what I mean? Sory for the long question, but I would greatly appreciate any help Thank YOU!

Mike Rich answers:


What you’re looking at is a “sprint” triathlon. Go to or to find a triathlon in your area.

For training you first need to work up the endurance levels to A) Swim for 15 minutes, B) Bike continuously for 1 hour, C) run for 3 miles. If you can swim for 30 minutes, bike for 90 minutes and run for 1 hour you should have no fear of not finishing and should work on gaining speed (spin classes, tempo runs, swim interval practice/efficiency practice).

There are quite a few training plans out there for sprint triathlons. I would suggest 3 runs, 3 bikes and 3 swims per week as a general guideline. You will often do more than 2 workouts per session.

These should be centered around a Swim + Bike or more commonly Bike + Run pairing. We call these workouts BRICKs — referring to the Bike + Run pairing because coming off of a 1 hr bike, your legs are going to feel like bricks for the first 1/2 mile.

Depending on your goal — a) Just finish happily, b) Place in the top 3, c) Leave both men and women in your age division coughing in your dust — your training plans and intensity levels may vary. There are a lot of resources online as well as books. I would suggest these 2 sites…

See you at the starting line!

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